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Media Influences Child Education And Socialization

Media Influences Child Education And Socialization

Effects of Media on Child Education

There was a time when a major part of socialization of an individual was constituted by family and friends. This life long process was followed by the ancestors but in present age mass media plays vital role in socialization of each and every individual.In recent days every home has a television and radio due to this infantafter his birth very soon comes under the influence of mass media and in this way mass media is the most dominant factor of socialization and have ability to establish the direction of any individual or society.

Through media children learn many things. They can know about news all over the world, they can learn culture and different types of education from here. They can also get a lot of knowledge from media. Children whose interaction with media is strong are more aware about current affairs, social and political situation all around the world especially within homeland country due to these children think about different aspects and think different solutions of issues in this way thinking level of children and creativity enhance.

But on the other handmedia hasmany negative effects on children when children use media for negative tasks such as they play games on internet, use Facebook, watch movies and dramas, so this is just the wastage of time. Some students watch such movies and dramas that negatively influence their thinking and motivate them toward negative tasks in this way socialization of children negatively affected. Students at the stage of early education waste major portion of their time on mass media instead of study.

Mass media not only have effected directly but also indirectly through parents and friends. It influences parents-children relationship. In past, students mostly spend their time with their family and learn from their parents. Parents play different games with their children through which attachment of parents and children made strong. Mother tells different moral stories to their children, because of this reason process of socialization proceed and morality of children developed. Father tells stories to his children of successful persons of society and  stories of war, set the values of their children through which parents enhance the bravery of their children. All family members sit together and discuss different aspect of their life and planed for future. But by mass media each and every dimension affects some dimensions affected positively and some others negatively. Media change the role of children. Now these days children playing games on computer and mobiles, watching TV, chatting with friends through mobiles or using internet and social media. They mostly un touch which their family. Their attachment with media instrument strong as compare to their family. On the other hand the role of parents also changing day by day. Mostly mother remain busy with electronic media and watching dramas and other different shows. They set their essential work cooking cleaning and clothe washing time according to their TV serial time. They not give proper time to their children and other family members. Some mother busy calling to their friends, on the other hand male members are also busy due to mass media. No doubt media makes easy life of every individual for facilitated every individual but it also increases the needs of every individuals.

            Few years ago area of needs are narrow as compare to these days. People do small duration of time but all individual try to more work as they need more money for survive in the era of mass media. They need to purchase instruments of media such as computer, mobile, TV and Radio for maintains of these instruments as a bill of internet and balance for mobile phone. They also need money for purchasing other things that are access able due to mass media. For these reasons men of today work for a long duration and have no time for their family. When he has free time he spends these moments with internet or mobile instead of family. On other hand some other father spends more time by watching news channels such as talk shows of political leader and latest news. In this, they spend their time with media instrument and not give proper time to their children and their family.

Child education as well as socialization effectively influencing through mass media in two ways, firstly children directly involve with media, secondly parents spend their time with media instead of their children. So, directly or indirectly mass media has a great influence on child education and socialization.

Author: BasharatManzoor

University of the Punjab

Tajammal Hussain Web Developer

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