Thursday, 5 February 2015

Media Influences Child Education And Socialization

Media Influences Child Education And Socialization

Effects of Media on Child Education

There was a time when a major part of socialization of an individual was constituted by family and friends. This life long process was followed by the ancestors but in present age mass media plays vital role in socialization of each and every individual.In recent days every home has a television and radio due to this infantafter his birth very soon comes under the influence of mass media and in this way mass media is the most dominant factor of socialization and have ability to establish the direction of any individual or society.

Through media children learn many things. They can know about news all over the world, they can learn culture and different types of education from here. They can also get a lot of knowledge from media. Children whose interaction with media is strong are more aware about current affairs, social and political situation all around the world especially within homeland country due to these children think about different aspects and think different solutions of issues in this way thinking level of children and creativity enhance.

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