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My Favourite Poet (Allama Muhammad Iqbal) | Essay

My Favourite Poet

According to Stefan Lenfer,

“Inside every man, there is a poet, Poets are born not paid.”

Similarly P.B Shelley Says:

“A poet is a nightingale who sets in darkness el sings to cheer its own solitude with sweet sound”

            Man is by nature an imitative creature, the virtuous and inspiring lives which the great men be have had great influence on many generations. It is the noble lives of great religious teachers as well as social reformers that have enriched social and helped in making people better, wiser and happier.

            Dr. Muhammad Iqbal is my favourite poet. He had been a fountain of liberal thoughts a source of moral teaching and a messenger of liberal brotherhood, justice and self-recognition through his several works in Urdu, Persian & English. He spread his golden human beings generally the Muslim world especially.

            After doin his matric, Allama Iqbal joined Murrey College, Sialkot from where he passed his intermediate. Then he went to Govt. College, Lahore. He did his M.A in philosophy. For the purpose of higher studies he went abroad. From Germany he did his Ph. D and came back home.

            On his return journey to India he travelled in many European, Middle East countries. The past glory and supermauf of the Islamic culture. He power made him stay el weep over them at every step. He composed many exciting disges on the out distanced civilization. He had now realized the dangers of western culture and scientific advancement. He tried his best to expose the perils of the European mechanized culture el material development. He was not impressed by the western culture. He says,

“Empty of concord is the soul of European

whose civilization to no Makkah bends”

            Iqbal guides us towards our faith el love of God. He says that we must have unflinching faith in God el having no faith is worse than slavery. He says

“Faith is like Abraham at the stake: to be self honouring el

God-drunk, is faith”

            Allama Iqbal was wise enough to look into the future. He had already seen that the Hindus of English had decided to crush the Muslims. He had a profound knowledge of Islam el other religions. He told the Muslims that they should save themselves by following their religion. In his poetry he warned the Muslims to beware their hidden enemies.

            Allama Iqbal points out the reasons of olecline of the Muslims in the present would. He complains that the Muslim have lost their strong love for their creater el creation. They lack the true spirit of love el their feelings are only skin deep. That is why they are disunited el their hearts are confused. Their prayers are devoid of their spirit. He says

“Love’s madness has departed in the Muslim’s veins, the block runs thin, Ranks broken, hearts perplexed, prayers cord, no feelings deeper than the skin.”

            Iqbal used the eagle as a symbol for energetic Muslims youth. He also presented the concept of “KHUDI”. This concept gave a new life to the nation and set them to action. In his address at Allahabad in 1930, he presented the two-nation theory. This idea gave definite direction to the struggle of the Indian Muslim for a separate homeland.

            Many collections of his poems have learn published “Bang-e-Dara”, “Bal-e-Jabril”, “Zarb-e-Kalim”, “Asrar-e-Khudi”, “Pyam-e-Mashriq”, and “Javed Nama” are some of them.

            To Iqbal man is the centre of universe the “Momin”, the human being in the true sense of the term, is the caliph of Allah.

Being a human being he must recognize himself.

Allama Iqbal was the first who conceive the dream of Pakistan. He passed away on April 21, 1938 before the birth of Pakistan his death was mourned by the entire Muslim world. He was the national poet of Pakistan.

Iqbal is a guide for all times.

According to southy,

“The mighty minds of old, My never failing friends el they, with whom I converse day by day.”

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