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Life in a College Hostel

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“Hostel life is like a blanket too short. You put it up and your toes rebel.”

The root of the word “Hostel” and “Hospital” is the same. In certain cases the atmosphere of both is also the same. Anyhow, a hostel is a great place. It is a slaughter house as well as a training center. Inspite of its problems, it offers a variety. Hostel life reminds us the value of our homes. But it also plays an important role in building our character.

“The happiness of every country depends upon the character of its people rather than the form of its government.”

Life in a college hostel at intermediate level is surely different from life in a hostel of medical colleges or the engineering universities. It has no liberty. It has its own charm. Its plus points as well as negative points are equally memorable.

Hostel life is more pleasurable period of student’s life. The students who do not get a chance to live in hostel miss a valuable and memorable piece of experience. Living away from the loving parents and brothers sisters is an experience of its own type. A boy lives in a hostel with other boys of his age group. No one is superior and no one is interior. These boys have different temperaments and different habits.

It is difficult to adjust in this situation in the beginning, but once understanding starts developing, it casts for years to come.

According to Samuel coulter:

“Hostel life is like playing a violin in public and learning the instrument as one goes on.”

In the beginning when a student joins the hostel, he feels himself like a dethroned king. The strict superintendent looks quite horrible. It is very hard to bear him. The room-mates are noisy and quarrelsome. Food is of the worst possible quality and cleanliness is out of question. Privacy is non-existent. No friend, no loving partners to console.

With the passage of time the roommates become the best friends of life. The superintendent appears sweet dish of the hostel becomes lifetime favourite dish. The clamour of the hostel becomes the most atmosphere looks like a graveyard. This is all due to the magical effect of the hostel life.

“Hostel life is full of fun and jolly, Mirth and laughter.”

The role that a hostel plays in character building is tremendous. The boys learns the lessons of peaceful co-existence. He has to live with his equals so he has to adjust himself according to them. He has to respect others. He has to accommodate others. This infuses in him the spirit of selflessness. In his later life it proves to be an asset for him.

A boy learns the value of discipline. It makes him a useful member of the society in the year to come. The rules of a hostel are strict but they are necessary to maintain a proper academic atmosphere. The basic function of a hostel is to provide accommodation as well as educational atmosphere. If the students are not this aim cannot be attained.

Another feature of the hostel life is that it develops a sense of competitions among the residents. Boys study in isolation at their homes. In the hostel they follow the examples of others. In this way, most of the boys start working keenly.

Hostel life has its disadvantages also. The hostel students sometimes misuse their freedom spoil their promising career some begin to love films and fashions some waste their money in gambling and even drinking. They become careless about their studies and waste their time and money.

“You are free and that is why you are lost.” (Socrates)

To conclude, we may that despite the disadvantage of hostel life, we cannot deny its educative values. Hostel life is full of charms and pleasures. In short, hostels are a great blessings for those who want to work hard to make their career. The students at hostel should make full use of this opportunity for their bright future. I would like to end with the famous saying of

“Hostel life is not a spectacle or a feast it is a predicament.”

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