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Punjab BISE Result Intermediate Annual 2018 Announced | Online ILM Ki Dunya

All Punjab Education Boards has been announce the result of Intermediate Part-II (12th Class) today dated 12-09-2018. You can download the result by clicking the following link related your city education board.

Intermediate (12th Class) Result Annual 2018 | Online ILM Ki Dunya


          All Education Boards of Punjab has declare the date of  announcement of Intermediate Part-II (12th) Class. The declaration date of  result is 12-09-2018. BISE Sahiwal, Multan, Lahore, Sargodha, Faisalabad and all others Education Boards will announce the result of Intermediate (2nd year) annual examination 2018 on at 10:10 AM. We will update the links as soon as possible.

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Thursday, 30 August 2018

Students of Today is the Leader of Tomorrow Essay (757 Words)

Students of Today is the Leader of Tomorrow

Every society is made by people of different classes, values, age, and in today and in a future society, everyone needs to play important, important and important roles. It is the duty of society as a whole to participate in strengthening society. Each community seems to be a bouquet of flowers that share each flower in making wonderful bouquets, each flower has a different color, smell, and size, but each flower bouquet is bright, charming and beautiful.

Youth are part of social packages, but their role is more important than others. They are an essential and necessary part of society, and society is lacking in young blood. Therefore, it is said that "today's youth is the strength, hope and leader of tomorrow." It is the future of society, country and society. Young people are the driving force of change and can urge governments to declare priorities. Youth have an important responsibility for their country. Learning from the past, the better future, living in hope for our children and the future for future generations is important.

Today's young man is the nation of tomorrow. Today's young man is our student. Students play an important role in society, how does society form for generations? Since the period of composition of individuals at the student level, it is known to be an important period of life. What is grown today is what will be harvested later.

Education is the place where students form. Education is a fact, building a student personality. Through education, you can understand the facts and people, how to classify things, the current scenario and many other important factors. Based on these factors, he redesigns his ideas and ideas, which will naturally help him when he grows up.

With education, students can understand their strengths and freedoms within themselves. Education begins not only from schools but also from all families. Children learn from home, school, and society, and each person who reacts to their children later affects their lives.

If students are treated with respect and responsibility, they return to society and live under responsibility and respect. When they are recognized, they accept that they are working hard for a better society, rather than giving up their owners.

Today there are many activities for students to take initiative to improve the community. We aim to promote a program to recognize the importance of students in small classes to cultivate wool, not to cut down forests, protect manuscripts and plant trees for the next generation. I have seen there activities promoted by the student for awareness of aging and protection of evacuation centers. College students take the initiative to help the elderly, neglected people in the streets, rescue shelters, and homes that provide food, clothing and medicines.

Apart from these, if a natural disaster occurs in every area of ​​the earth, to contribute to the school from all over the world victims, you will be able to realize the importance as soon as possible sibling babies. The school has a NCC training camp and an exploration team, and they have received great help under these circumstances and they are providing a truly polite service to the country.

Apart from the services, we have a place for politics where students can be seen. With an appropriate type of motivation and guidance, can be the most trustworthy, most acceptable and intelligent leaders of tomorrow. But when they are exploited they can become the worst corrupt leader. We will give good and bad things to our students.

We have seen how young people stand against negative aspects such as corruption, violence, terrorism and the struggle for peace and national security. However, we are witnessing the absence of a national slowdown for young people who destroy national harmony and peace.

Students will connect two generations. They need to understand and understand the events of the day, remove bad things, extract good things, and implement them for tomorrow. For this understanding, it is necessary to provide appropriate education that involves what is happening correctly, and the educational system must be prepared to deepen understanding rather than classifying education as a small, medium and high education. It is. Curriculum and activities should be developed interactively and interestingly. Therefore, students recognize the importance of learning content and can demonstrate it.

You may have to regret tomorrow as tomorrow's youth move to the youth of the future and hand over tomorrow's generation better to move on to the next generation. The nation is growing in all sectors and is one of the strongest nations of tomorrow.

Q. Describe the advancements in the computer during the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Q. Describe the advancements in the computer during the 1950’s and 1960’s.

In early 1950’s two important engineering inventions changed the image of the computer field. These discoveries were the magnetic cover memories and the transistor circuit elements. 
These machines were very expensive and were also complicated to operate. Those computer mostly worked on a single problem at a time. The major computer manufactures accessories such as: 
  1. Card Reader 
  2. Printer 
  3. Cathode-Ray-Tube (CRT) 
Central Processing Units (CPUs) for these usages did not have to be very fast. The computer system were sold for application such as hospitals, banks etc.

Q. Describe Charles Babbage work in the history of computers

Q. Describe Charles Babbage Work in the History of Computers.
While Thomas of Colmar was developing the calculator, a series of very interesting development in computer was started in Cambridge, England by Charles Babbage, a mathematics professor. He began to design an automatic mechanical calculating machine. By 1822, he had a working model to demonstrate. Babbage Continued to work on it for the next 10 years, but in 1833 he lost interest because he thought he had a better idea i.e. the construction of what would now be called a general purpose. Babbage called this idea an Analytical Engine. The machine was supposed to operate automatically, by stream power and require only one person.

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Scheme of Studies (Assessment Scheme) Physics XI 2018

Scheme of Studies (Assessment Scheme) Physics XI (1st year, Intermediate Part-1) 2018

Credits to: Munawar Buzdar

Scheme of Studies (Assessment Scheme) Chemistry XI 2018

Scheme of Studies (Assessment Scheme) Chemistry XI (1st year, Intermediate Part-1) 2018

Credits to: Munawar Buzdar